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Pitchfork Ranch and Rash Barrett Cattle Company Named Range Round-Up Champion Team

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK. August 24, 2013 - After the dust settled from two rounds of fierce competition at the State Fair Arena in Oklahoma City, Pitchfork Ranch and Rash Barrett Cattle Company combined their efforts to clinch the OCA’s 29th Annual Range Round-Up Championship.
The OCA Range Round-Up features 12 teams consisting of ‘real ranch’ cowboys, representing 16 of Oklahoma’s most historic ranches. The Pitchfork and Barrett team will represent Oklahoma as they advance to the World Finals which will take place in November.

“The Oklahoma Ford Dealers have been the presenting sponsor of the Range Round-Up since the beginning,” said Tim Drummond, Chairman of the OCA Range Round-Up Committee. “The event grows and gains interest each year and that is largely because of television and radio advertisement provided from the Oklahoma Ford Dealers.”

Drummond is one of 12 volunteer committee members that work to ensure that the Range Round-Up continues its long-standing record of success. “Some call the event, ‘Cowboys Helping Kids’ and for good reason. The selected charity has been the Children’s Miracle Network for 16 years. “Last year we contributed $16,000 to the Children’s Miracle Network supporting the Children’s Medical Research Institute,” said Drummond.

“We are proud of this event,” Drummond continued, “And we appreciate the ranches, sponsors, fans, and volunteers who help us with this important mission.”

The cowboys representing Pitchfork Ranch and Rash Barrett Cattle Company earned the championship title at this year’s 29th annual event. These cowboys secured their winning position by placing first in the Wild Cow Milking and second in the Stray Gathering and Team Branding events. Team members included: Todd Casebolt, Kyle McCord, Eric Waters, Carl Gholson and James Gholson.
The Pitchfork Land and Cattle is headquartered in Guthrie, Texas with a location in Waurika, Okla. Rash Barrett Cattle is located in Ryan, Okla.

Jet McCoy, a member of the Beebe Livestock and McCoy Ranches team earned the Top Hand Award; his teammate, Shad Beebe, was presented the Top Horse Award. Tim Drummond, a member of the Drummond Land and Cattle Co. team earned the Tough Hand Award.
At the conclusion of two performances, Range Round-Up event standings were as follows—Saddle Bronc Riding: 1st place - Kottke and Arrow W Ranches, 2nd place - Beebe Livestock and McCoy Ranches, 3rd place - Sugarloaf Ranch. Stray Gathering: 1st place - Buford Ranches, 2nd place - Pitchfork Ranch and Rash Barrett Cattle Company, 3rd place - Beebe Livestock and McCoy Ranches. Wild Cow Milking: 1st place - Pitchfork Ranch and Rash Barrett Cattle Company, 2nd place - Alfalfa County Land and Cattle, 3rd place - Drummond Land and Cattle. Team Branding: 1st place - Buford Ranches, 2nd place - Pitchfork Ranch and Rash Barrett Cattle Company, 3rd place - 3C Cattle Company. Team Penning: 1st place - Drummond Land and Cattle, 2nd place - Beebe Livestock and McCoy Ranches, 3rd place - Buford Ranches. Wild Horse Race: 1st place - Hall Ranch and Daube Cattle Company, 2nd place - Davison and Sons Cattle Company, 3rd place - 3C Cattle Company.

Junior Donkey Bronc Riding is always a crowd pleaser for the half-time show. The junior cowboys and cowgirls participating are serious competitors. The top three participants are: Tristen Grantham, Lexi Williams and Raesh Casebolt.

“Thank you again to the Oklahoma Ford Dealers for their continued support of the Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association and Range Round-Up event,” Drummond said. “We take pride in the good that this event is doing, and look forward the 30th annual event scheduled for Aug. 23 and 24, 2014.”

The OCA exists to support and defend the state and nation's beef cattle industry. The OCA officers, board of directors and membership encourages you to join us in our advocacy efforts to ensure less government intervention, lower taxes and a better bottom line. For more information about OCA membership or activities visit www.okcattlemen.org.

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