Raising Funds to Grow and Groom Beef Industry Leaders

OCA's Cattlemen's Leadership Academy is celebrating 25 years of growing and grooming beef industry leaders this year.  

 Popularity of the program is at an all-time high!  Our CLA program is highly respected across the nation.  Several states are modeling their young leader programs after OCA’s CLA. 

The Oklahoma Cattlemen's Foundation, a charitable arm of the OCA, has committed to matching funds raised by Dec. 31, 2017 to form a permanent endowment fund within the Oklahoma Cattlemen's Foundation.  This permanent fund will help ensure that OCA is always able to provide young cattlemen with opportunities to grow, learn and develop as an industry leader.

We are reaching out to the Alumni of the CLA program, fellow cattlemen and industry partners to step up and help us fund this endowment.  

Everyone that donates at least $35.00 to the endowment fund will receive a t-shirt to show our appreciation.  The shirt will be navy blue with cream printing as shown in the photo to the right.

An added bonus is that donations are tax deductible since the Oklahoma Cattlemen's Foundation is a 501 3c.

To donate & claim your t-shirt, click here.