Selling Beef Direct to the Consumer . . .

is not a new idea, but it has definitely gained popularity during the recent disruption in the meat supply chain due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We’ve compiled a list of our members who are selling beef direct in an effort to connect consumers with beef cattle ranchers.  We hope this list will be a win for consumers and producers.  Beef producers take pride in the delicious, nutritious protein that they produce.  The opportunity to market direct connects beef cattle ranchers and consumers on a more intimate level.

This list includes members of the Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association that raise cattle and sell beef direct to consumers. We encourage consumers to reach out to the member of your choice. 

OCA membership IS REQUIRED to be included on this listing.  You can get added to the list HERE.
Questions? Please click here to email us.**

Follow the link below to view the list of OCA members selling beef direct.  Use the green toggles to select "Consumer Beef".

OCA Members Selling Beef Direct.  List is hosted by AgBoost.



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