OCA's Strategic Plan

Mission Statement
The trusted voice of the Oklahoma Cattle Industry

Our Core Values

  • Leadership
    • Dedicated to serving through grassroots collaboration
  • Integrity
    • Loyal, honest, and committed to doing right for our industry and consumers
  • Stewardship
    • To empower and advocate for Oklahoma cattle families and their legacy

2021-2025Strategic Goals

  1. Increase membership and retention through communication, increased engagement and mentorship programs
    1. Increase membership by 10% annually
    2. Ensure a retention rate of >90% annually
  2. Develop sensible policy with membership engagement at the local level and SCORECARD measurement
    1. Engagement at the District level
    2. Define Policy statements vs. Resolution statements
    3. Each districts hosts 3 annual events geared towards their elected officials
    4. Expanded participation in OCA related capitol events
  3. Serve as a resource by providing webinars, field day seminars and direct to consumer opportunities.
    1. Increase registration / use of the online learning platform by 400%
    2. Work towards a 25% membership engagement / signup for webinars
    3. Add 2 direct to consumer virtual events