Oklahoma Junior Cattlemen's Association Steer Feedout

The OJCA Steer Feedout program allows OJCA members to learn from hands on experience through competition.  Carcass data is collected and feedlot performance information is collected on each animal.  This information is presented and explained to participants in such a way that they can learn how to use it in selection and culling on their ranch.  

$75.00 per pen of three steers.

Entries Due Nov. 3, 2023.

Cattle Drop Off Nov. 10, 2023, 10 AM-Noon at Willard Sparks Beef Research Center, Stillwater, OK

OJCA Steer Feedout Entry Here

• Contestants must be current members of the Oklahoma Junior Cattlemen’s Association.
• Only one pen may entered per contestant.
• A pen of steers may be entered in more than one name (ex: siblings only). If the pen is entered in more than one name, one of the names must be designated at the time of delivery to receive All-Around points.
• The Oklahoma Junior Cattlemen’s Association reserves the right to pull any cattle off the test early if the cattle are ready for harvesting or if any other
problems arise. Contestants will be notified of any changes that would take place with their cattle.

Vaccinations : Vaccination recommendations prior to delivery to Cattleman’s Choice Feedyard is the OQBN Requirements; 7-way black leg, IBR-PI3; BVD; BRSV; Pasturella and consider Lepto, if a problem in your area. A minimum of three weeks prior to delivery cattle should be castrated, horns tipped, and dewormed.  It is recommended that cattle be weaned for 45 days.
Note: weaning date for 45-day preconditioning is Sept. 24, 2023.

Entries and Age of Feedout Cattle : Entries will consist of steers, no heifers. OJCA pen will consist of three steers, that were born after November 1, 2022.  Recommend that cattle be delivered weighing at least 500 pounds.

Marketing : Steers will be harvested when they have an estimated .5 inches of fat cover at the 13th rib. This will be determined on an individual animal basis. An entire producer pen does not have to be harvested on the same date as in past feedouts. A maximum number of days on feed (approximately 220) will be determined based on in-weight and breed composition.

Schedule of Events for the OJCA Jr. Steer Feedout
• November 3  - all entries due to OJCA office.
• November 10 - Deliver cattle to Willard Sparks Beef Research Center, Stillwater, Okla. 
• May - June: Harvesting Period
• June - July: Send out evaluations, questionnaires and payouts

• July 20, 2024 - OJCA Awards Banquet

For more information, please contact:

Sydnee Gerken, (405)368-0908 or [email protected]

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