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As an added Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association membership benefit, we are putting together educational and informative webinars.

We have several webinars planned that are very timely topics.  Most of these webinars will happen on Wednesday.  So be sure to check here and on our social media outlets to stay up on top of what's happening on #WebinarWednesday.

Some webinars will be for OCA Members Only and will require OCA Login in order to register for the webinar.
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Upcoming Webinars

Beef Packing/Processing Resources
Edition 103 - Mobile Facilities

The OCA/ODAFF Packer/Processor Task Force is pleased to host this webinar with Friesla founder and president Mr. Bob Lodder. Friesla offers unique and innovative design patterns for smaller local beef packing and processing facilities. Check out their website at https://friesla.com/ and plan to join the webinar for a first hand look and opportunity to ask Bob questions directly. (NOTE – OCA, ODAFF nor Friesla is receiving any compensation of any kid for this webinar nor is this webinar an endorsement by or for any of the participating entities.)

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