69th Annual OCA Annual Convention & Trade Show
July 23 & 24, 2021, Embassy Suites & Convention Center, Norman, OK


We are so excited for the 69th Annual Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association Convention and Trade Show! 

The 2-day event will  be held at the Embassy Suites & Convention Center, Norman, Okla.

Our theme, "Hold Fast, Stay True" is the mantra of Navy Seals’.  The phrase has an origin from an old storm story, where sailors had to hold onto something connected, tied down to a deck. And the person at the wheel had to stay true to the direction, despite not being able to see the stars.  Cattlemen face storms too and have to stay the coarse despite the weather, markets or all the other challenges that they might encounter. Like an anchor, cattlemen dig in, stand firm and hold fast.  The rope depicts your connection to fellow cattlemen and the idea of unifying to create strength, but allows some flexibility.

We hope you will plan to join us for a great event this coming July!  Speakers and agenda details to come!





Trade Show Exhibitor Information

 We encourage all trade show exhibitors to submit your paperwork early.

2021 OCA Trade Show Exhibitor Packet.

Contact Taylor Shackelford with Trade Show Questions.  [email protected]  or 405-235-4391