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Brand Registration & Renewal

Branding your livestock

Those applying for Oklahoma State Brand Registration must fill out the application and file the with the Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association.


Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association

P.O. Box 82395, Oklahoma City, OK 73148.


The application must be accompanied by the $40.00 registration fee. Upon approval, a brand certificate will be mailed to the applicant indicating the brand registered. All brands approved by the Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association will appear in the next brand book or supplement printed.

Oklahoma Brand Books are printed every five years (2010, 2015, 2020 etc.) with supplements printed on an as necessary basis.  Regardless of when you register, all brands come due at the same time.


The current registration period ends December 31, 2024, and Brand owners will be given until April 30, 2025 to renew their brand. 


Brand owners will be notified by email and/or mail prior to the closing of the five-year registration period, but it is the brand owners responsibility to renew their brand before the publication of the 2025 Oklahoma Brand Book.

Points to be kept in mind for State Brand Registration

• A brand is defined as a permanent mark, not less than three inches in length or diameter and burned in with a hot iron, or a method commonly known as "freeze branding." Acid brands are not recognized for state registration.

• Single unit brands such as: one initial, numeral, bar, slash or quarter circle, cannot be accepted for state registration.

• Each brand registration must be confined to one location on the animal. Where the same brand is used on two positions, two applications are required. Brands must be registered for the following eight positions ONLY: Left Neck, Left Shoulder, Left Rib, Left Hip, Right Neck, Right Shoulder, Right Rib and Right Hip, except that previously registered Oklahoma brand positions are not affected in any way (O.S. 2, Sections 405). The left jaw is reserved for the use of Band T brands, identifying Brucellosis and Tuberculosis-reacting cattle.

• Applicants are required, under law, to list three-distinct brands and/or three positions on the animal for use of their brand, in order preferred.

• State registration of your brand is not required by law. Brands on record take precedence over unrecorded brands of like and kind where questions of ownership arise, placing the burden on proof on unregistered brand users in the event of controversy. Registered brands are prima facie evidence of ownership in a court of law.

• Brand books are furnished to County Sheriffs, County Extension Agents and Agricultural Education Instructors without charge. They may be purchased by the public at a price commensurate with the cost of preparation, printing and delivery thereof.  To purchase a brand book please call the OCA Office at 405-235-4391.

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