Oklahoma Junior Cattlemen's Association

The Oklahoma Junior Cattlemen's Association was started in 1985.  The purpose is to promote the welfare of the cattle industry, to further the education and cooperation of young people interested in cattle, and to aid in the attainment of mutual goals set by OJCA members interested in all phases of their business and all possible career and leadership opportunities.

  • OJCA members represent individuals who are interested in all phases of the business and all possible career and leadership goals.
  • Promotes the welfare of the cattle industry
  • Furthers the education and cooperation of young people interested in cattle
  • Aids in the attainment of mutual goals set by OJCA members.

The cattle industry is important to the Oklahoma economy and to Oklahoma citizens. We recognize that there are vast numbers of youth in Oklahoma interested and/or involved in cattle production, care, breeding and feeding and we continually work to grow our membership and programs to encompass everyone. We recognize the importance of cooperation and harmony among the various segments of the livestock chain from producer to consumer and strive to further those relationships.

The OJCA hosts many events and contests throughout the year. Our two largest events are the Summer Preview Show and our Annual Summer Leadership Conference. During all of these events the OJCA coordinates several contests to get members involved in association activities and cultivate leadership skills and industry knowledge. These contests and activities include a speech contest, salesmanship contest, barnyard olympics, team fitting contest, showmanship, scavenger hunt and many more.  We work to bring in some educational activities along with these fun filled events.

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